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A Leading Edge Payroll Company That Cares...

Our Mission at Evans Payroll Services

Founded with the vision of Andrea Evans in 1999, our mission at Evans Payroll Services is to deliver superior customer service in payroll processing. Rooted in our beginnings in Pittsburgh, PA, we’re dedicated to treating each client with the care and attention as if they were our only customer. Our commitment extends nationwide, ensuring every business, whether small or large, receives a tailored payroll solution. We believe in empowering businesses with the flexibility and support needed to effectively manage their workforce, encompassing everything from basic payroll processing to comprehensive human resource management with benefits.

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision at Evans Payroll Services is to be the leading provider of customizable and comprehensive payroll solutions across the United States. We aim to continually evolve and expand our services, adapting to the changing needs of businesses of all sizes. By integrating innovative technology and maintaining our commitment to exceptional customer service, we strive to simplify payroll and HR processes, making them more efficient and accessible. Our goal is to forge lasting partnerships with our clients, supporting their growth and success with our expertise in payroll and benefits management.

Our Services

For each payroll account we offer the following:

Empowering your business with streamlined payroll solutions, because when your workforce thrives, so does your business. Let Evans Payroll be the backbone of your financial success.