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Simplifying Payroll with Direct Deposits & Comprehensive Benefits

Enhance your payroll experience with Evans Payroll’s Direct Deposit and Employee Benefits services. We offer:

  • Convenient direct deposit to up to 5 accounts per employee
  • Efficient management of Workers’ Compensation Premiums
  • Integration of benefits like 401k, health insurance, and more
  • Assistance with garnishments and miscellaneous withholdings Our services are crafted to provide your employees with the benefits they deserve, while simplifying your payroll processes.


Our direct deposit service allows your employees’ pay to be electronically deposited into their bank accounts. It’s fast, secure, and convenient, ensuring timely payments.

Yes, employees can opt to have their pay deposited into up to five different accounts, offering them flexibility in managing their finances.

We manage a wide range of benefits, including health insurance, 401k plans, workers’ compensation, Aflac, and credit union deposits.

Our system allows for easy updates to employee benefits, ensuring any changes in coverage or deductions are accurately reflected in payroll processing.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support for benefits enrollment and management, assisting your employees with any questions or changes they may have.

Our payroll system seamlessly integrates with various benefit plans, ensuring deductions and contributions are accurately calculated and processed.

Yes, we handle all types of garnishments and deductions, including child support, bankruptcy, school loans, and income taxes, ensuring legal compliance.

‘Pay as you go’ workers’ comp adjusts premiums based on actual payroll data, improving cash flow and accuracy. We manage the calculations and payments for this service.

Absolutely. Our services are fully compliant with all applicable federal and state laws, ensuring legal compliance and peace of mind.

Setting up is simple. Contact us, and we’ll guide you through the process to integrate direct deposit and benefits services into your payroll system.